The Christmas Season is just around the corner!

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Bowness Community Hall Christmas Market Saturday and Sunday, November 12-13, 10am-3pm
Shawnessy Barn Christmas Market November 19, Saturday Only, 10am-3pm
Lake Bonavista Community AssociationSaturday and Sunday, November 26-27, 10am-3pmKID'S SHOPPING Saturday, December 3rd, 9am-1pm
Inclusion Foothills Market at the Highwood Memorial CenterFriday, December 2nd, 2pm-9pmSaturday, December 3rd, 10am-4pm
Community Wise at 12th AVE SW, CalgarySaturday December 17th CANCELLED!


Dog Lovers Unite!!! Two Shampoo bars are ready now! FOR DOGS!

We have combined honey, oat flour, cream and nourishing oils and butters to wash and protect your dog's sensitive skin. One bar has lavender essential oil to relax and calm nervousness. For sensitive and dry skin it has a large percentage of olive oil to moisturize and neem oil to protect from bugs, heal skin and nourish hair. The other bar has cedarwood, orange, and beeswax to deodorize and protect hair and skin. The shampoo will cleanse and moisturize. Limited quantities.

Coloured with only natural products like clay, charcoal powder, indigo, turmeric, paprika, carrot, lemon, orange, spirulina, alkanet, annatto seed, madder root, and kaolin. Above pictured is the Holiday Seasonings bar with turmeric, indigo and spirulina.

Natural Ingredients

Why do some people want to choose natural ingredients? At Soap Arch Naturals we use only natural oils, colours and a blend of either essential oils or fragrance oils, to make our products. Each hand crafted bar is designed to clean while activating the senses with ingredients such as flower petals, coffee, raw honey, beeswax, lemon zest, herbs and clays. Most bars are a blend of olive oil, coconut oil and palm oils with other soft butters or liquid oils. All our palm oil is from sustainable palm sources. Many of our bars have a blend. If you have any questions about ingredients or wish to order, feel free to email at

Check out some of the magic that goes into making a batch of soap.

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